Accounting Dissertation

Accounting Dissertation

Accounting Dissertation
Accounting is an economic science that studies financial transactions within a business and lists all assets which a business owns. It is not a secret that a person who deals with money and recourses at the same time has a lot to do with figures and tables. That is why accounting is considered to be a hard piece of work to do as well as writing accounting dissertations.

In the following article we will make a review of such matter as accounting as it is and will try to clarify how to write dissertations successfully well.


Accounting (or accountancy) is an activity that deals with systematic order of collecting information on financial activity of businesses. The main goal of accounting is to estimate all assets, recourses, tools, means and materials and to list them in regulated way in financial and natural forms.

The main objective of accounting is to form complete and accurate information about the activities of the organization and its property status. Accountancy aims the following targets:

• prevention of negative results of an organization operations;
• identification of farm reserves to ensure financial sustainability of organizations;
• monitoring of business operations;
• controlling the use of materials, labor and financial resources;
• monitoring of the approved standards, specifications and estimates.

The main principles of accounting are:

• the principle of autonomy;
• the principle of double entry;
• the principle of the existing organization;
• the principle of objectivity;
• the precautionary principle;
• accrual principle;
• the principle of periodicity;
• the principle of confidentiality;
• the principle of the monetary measuring;
• the principle of continuity.

In order to attain the profession of accountant one should thoroughly know the theory of accounting, theoretical, methodological and practical foundations of its organization. Not less important is understanding of the functions of accounting:

• the control;
• information;
• analysis.

In the long run, performing a research and further writing of an accounting dissertation will help you to understand the main clues of the profession and to get into the essence of this specific science.

Dissertation writing

Composing accounting dissertations you need to realize the importance of your work. Be ready do dial with great amounts of figures, numbers and formulas. Making up your PhD dissertation always consult with the professor and do not hesitate to follow his advice.

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