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Dissertation Blog

Dissertation BlogDissertation is a form of intellectual proposition. According to etymology of the word “thesis” from Greek, it means “position”, while Latin “dissertatio” refers to “discourse”. As a result, we can see that a dissertation involves a deep research of a matter, further comprehension and conclusions of your own. To write a good dissertation, you need to study the guidelines thoroughly and consider all the rules on “how to write dissertations” matter.

Dissertation is a science work. It is also a formal document that lists some specific data concerning specified issue. There exist special dissertation blogs as well. Let’s deepen inside to find some clues.


Any dissertation has:

• a title page;

• an abstract;

• a body:

– an introduction;

– definitions;

– literature review;

– findings;

• a bibliography or a references section.

Listed above is a typical dissertation blog that can be applied to any of your thesis works. It may also vary considering different spheres to study. If, for example, you are writing about sports, dissertation blogs will be different from those about art or poetry etc. You can use different info, perform different forms of research and provide different results of your study. All these factors will affect the structure of your PhD dissertation.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the structure itself.

Title Page

It is the front part of a work which presents you and gives some basic, brief and specific information about an author, a topic, the one who is to evaluate the thesis, institution data and the date.

It is also the first page of your work and not numbered. Listing the information about yourself you must point course name and number and a student number.

On a title page of your work you must write the full title and letters of credence as well as degree-granting faculty and department name. The name of the university and date of graduation is a must to be pointed too. Do not forget to sign universal copyright symbol “©”.


It is a part within dissertation blog which gives a brief and consistent summary of your work. The main purpose of writing an abstract is to capture the essence of a dissertation. It is always at the very beginning of a thesis and provides a kind of introductory review before deepening into the dissertation itself.

Though an abstract is a free review, you must point some particular info for sure:

• statement of the problem;

• methods used for the research;

• results of the study;

• conclusions and impact.


It is the main part of a thesis. Generally, it consists of introduction, literature review and findings. The structure of thesis body may vary, considering the topic and the data you are going to point in your dissertation.

Dissertation body must strictly and consistently reveal the main idea of your work. Do not forget to divide it by different parts according to the issue of each and every part.


Basically, it is a systematic list of books and other sources used in the process of dissertation writing. More often than not one uses references section instead of bibliography part.

Each and every source where you learned the info or just piped inside is considered as a reference for bibliography part. While writing, do not forget to use quotes and footnotes pointing from what particular book, web site etc. you have borrowed the phrase, idea or full statement.

Well, this is the most common of dissertation blogs. It is to show you how to succeed in your dissertation writing assignment. In case of any difficulties, learn more about all of the above and how to manage thesis writing more easily using online dissertations services.