Help with Proofreading Your Dissertation

A guide to perfect dissertation proofreading

The last stage of writing an academic paper is to proofread it thoroughly. Using a spellchecker will eliminate most of the spelling mistakes and the odd grammatical errors. However, in order to make sure your work is perfect, it must be proofread manually by an experienced corrector. Every heading and sentence must be checked and rechecked for mistakes and inconsistencies. Have you even noticed how you often spot mistakes in other people’s writing even if you know they have been as thorough as possible? The same pertains to you.

Not all students and graduates have the time or the specific language abilities needed to proofread a long document¬† to perfection. If you worry that you are not good at this job,¬†’s proofreading service is your best option.

What does professional proofreading mean? can guarantee that your dissertation or thesis will be manually proofread to the impeccable standard. Every sentence will be double-checked for accuracy, grammar, flow and consistency.

Our manual proofreading service focuses on the following problem areas:

  • We check for spelling mistakes and incorrect word usage that were not detected by software spellcheckers.
  • We remove any incorrect or misplaced punctuation marks and correct typographical errors such as extra spaces.
  • We ensure that all titles, headings and subheadings are formatted neatly and consistently.
  • We double check your references to guarantee that they conform to the citation style your university or college demands.
  • We make sure that the discussion flow is smooth and eliminate any stylistic errors such as inconsistent tenses and incorrect subject-verb agreement.
  • We eliminate any vague words and overlong sentences to make sure that your final draft reads clearly and concisely.

What does our expert proofreading service give you?

Proofreading is a skilled and time-consuming activity that should be handled by an experienced professional. Dissertations are marked down if they are not concise and easily readable. Small mistakes look unprofessional and undermine the impact of your work. By using proofreading service you will be sure that there are no errors in your final draft. We provide you with peace of mind by guaranteeing that minor mistakes will not prevent your work from gaining the recognition it deserves.