Editing Your Dissertation

DissertationToday.com’s guide to the perfect  editing

Once you have a complete draft of your thesis or dissertation, the next stage is to get it edited to make sure that it  isreadable and free from mistakes. Is there a well-paced flow of your ideas? Is each section arranged logically? Can you make your text easier to read with linking phrases or by dividing up long paragraphs and inserting subheadings? Are you sure you have used tenses consistently and avoided repetitious vocabulary and long-winded sentences? Are you worried that certain sections don’t make sense or could be written more concisely?

Why should you use our editing services?

DissertationToday.com offers a thesis and dissertation editing service especially for people at this stage of their research. Our qualified and experienced editors will impartially look at your entire text, reading it as if they were markers or reviewers.

By now, you have probably been working on your dissertation for months or years and the editing process may not receive the careful attention it deserves. A lot of students fail to edit their own words dispassionately. They usually cannot discern duplicated content and remove it, let alone cutting down long-winded text.

How do you benefit from professional editing service?

By using DissertationToday.com’s editing service, you get a professional overview of your work. Our editors understand that your work is written in your personal style and are very experienced at improving the flow and readability of dissertations while preserving their character.  Any amendments we make can be reversed as you have the final say about what edits to accept.

As well as providing a thorough overview, our professional editing team concentrates on a few key areas of dissertation editing that according to our experience need extra attention:

  • Flow and coherence. Here we focus on the underlying structure of your dissertation or thesis, adding transitional sentences to make sure that your text flows logically. Long paragraphs or verbose text are simplified or shortened.
  • Grammatical errors. Our editors make sure that your tenses are consistent throughout and that you have not used confusing sentence structure. Often small and easily corrected mistakes can make text confusing and muddle the reader.
  • Style. For a long thesis or dissertation to read well, it must be consistent in style. By eliminating repetitious vocabulary and awkward phrases, we give your writing a concise voice and allow your ideas and conclusions to come through clearly.
  • Graphics. We double check you figures and graphics to make sure that no logical or formatting errors have crept in unnoticed.

What final result do you get?

The editing part of dissertation and thesis writing is often neglected, ignoring the fact that small changes can make a big difference to the overall impact.of the piece. As editing your own work is difficult,  DissertationToday.com offers a bespoke editing service to students and graduates who are close to finishing their papers. A review by one of our experienced professional editors allows you to benefit from the clarity they will impart  to your project.