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Sure, your help on my dissertation literature review has made me a good turn! My congratulations on a great job!

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Dissertation Structure

Structure of your Dissertation

Each brilliant idea needs to be correctly presented and structured, that is why so much attention is to be paid to the dissertation structure. Compliance with the tiniest requirements for all dissertation sections, starting with the title page and ending with the dissertation appendix, is an indispensable feature of a perfect dissertation. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully study the structure requirements step by step and use them while writing your paper.

Dissertation Structure

Dissertation Title Page

Actually, it does matter how your dissertation title page is structured. As this is the first page that your dissertation committee is likely to view and evaluate, it exposes great influence on the overall impression of your scientific work. In general, the title and the sub-title of your dissertation should be put on the top of your title page. Usually this information is in caps and centered. Besides, you should mention the volume number if needed. Afterwards, the full name of the author is typed in the center of this page. Moreover, you have to point out your previous degree (if any) and state the year of gaining this previous degree. Then, you have to mention the reason why you are completing this dissertation. It is obligatory for any dissertation as the standard for both PhD and Master's degrees.

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Dissertation Abstract

Briefly speaking, dissertation abstract is a precise summary of the results got from the accomplishment of dissertation research. When one summarizes the scientific outcome of the research, this helps other people, in our case dissertation committee, catch the main idea of the investigation without reading the body itself. Indeed, many people are used to looking through the dissertation abstract in order to determine whether the whole dissertation is worth reading.  Admittedly, dissertation abstract might be required as the part of a curriculum vitae. This might be an essential step for those who are planning to apply for some academic job. Remarkably, there are some golden rules that should be adhered to when dealing with dissertation abstract. They include the following: approximately 500 words, brief, all-inclusive and relevant.

Dissertation Acknowledgements

Dissertation Structure

Writing dissertation acknowledgements is one of the most responsible tasks in the whole writing process. In fact, there is no need to include any theoretical information as well as any other scientific terms. This part of dissertation gives an author the possibility to thank those people who assisted during the dissertation writing process. Of course, dissertation acknowledgements are also time-consuming and are usually completed when the whole research is ready. However, it should be mentioned that writing dissertation acknowledgements is not mandatory. Actually, it is up to you whom to say the words of gratitude to. These might be your parents, supervisors or friends. All you have to do is make it truthful.  

Dissertation Contents

It is true that the table of dissertation contents resembles a very detailed plan of your scientific investigation. Having studied all possible online and offline sources and having worked on your ideas, you are recommended to start writing this section of your dissertation. In general, dissertation contents are a brief outline of your research paper. Of course, like any other part of your dissertation, this section should be logical and relevant. The common sections to be stated in your table of contents are as follows: introduction, literature review, methodology, results and discussion, bibliography, appendices. Actually, the main issues to be kept in mind while deciding on dissertation contents are the target audience and the purpose of the research.

Dissertation Structure

Dissertation Introduction

Admittedly, many students confuse this part of dissertation with a ackground section. Therefore, it makes sense to emphasize the fact that an introduction is much more than that. The best way to write a dissertation introduction is to use common questions, such as: What is the problem? Why do I study this issue? Why should it be solved? Who will benefit the most from this piece of writing? What is the contribution? What is the most effective solution? What are the methods to be employed? In addition, it is obligatory not to forget to state the aim of the dissertation. From the practical point of view, the best way to end an introduction section is to point out the main dissertation objectives.  

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Dissertation Literature Review

In layman's terms, literature review has much to do with the relating publications that have been published by the distinguished scholars and professors. Working on dissertation literature review, you have to demonstrate your scientific skills, being precisely the ability to effectively analyze the literature sources and to use all possible methods (starting with the manual and finishing with computerized ones). Surely, the perfect literature review should perform the following functions: relate precisely to the thesis and the studying issue, summarize all known information, determine controversial areas in terms of literature sources and state the problems that need  solution.    

Dissertation Results and Discussion

Dissertation Structure

Indeed, dissertation results and discussion is the vitally essential component of any dissertation. Actually, in this section of investigation an author should prove his/ her abilities to research, analyze the available literature and obtain credible research results. Admittedly, the dissertation discussion is defined by scholars as the time-consuming and cumbersome section which requires critical brainstorming and analytical thinking. However, the student needs to tackle it and be able to decently cope with all challenges. In general, this section will be directly influenced by such factors as the dissertation objecitve, the field of study and the nature of the dissertation issues. Speaking about the requirements, the dissertation should strictly correspond to the formatting demands of an institution.

Dissertation Conclusions

It has been scientifically proven that the majority of students fail to write their dissertation conclusions. The first thing to be considered when working on this section is briefness. The thing is that dissertation conclusions should always be precise and pertinent. The writer has to remember that in this part of the paper he/she is to come to conclusions based on the results of the research paper. In addition, the creativity is highly appreciated. This means that your conclusions must provide new ideas. Finally, the dissertation conclusions should be comprehensive not only for the dissertation committee, but also for the rest of the audience that might have a desire to look through the whole work.

Dissertation Structure

Dissertation References

When covering your dissertation references part, you have to be quite critical if you want to accomplish it successfully. Traditionally, the reference list should include about 100 sources. You are advised to exclude all irrelevant sources from your dissertation references. In addition, do not forget to foormat them. Take into account that the order according to which you are to list information differs depending on the type of sources. Moreover, you have to consider abbreviations, capital letters, punctuation and spacing.

Dissertation Appendices

Usually the dissertation appendix includes all diagrams and schemes that have been used by the student while writing the dissertation. Appendices are needed when their incorporation of this material into the body of the research will make it too detailed and cumbersome. It is desirable to use appendices, as they are helpful in presenting some essential material to prove your viewpoints. Thus, appendices are likely to include the following information: charts, specialized data, figures, tables, questionnaires, etc.

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