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Be methodical: select proper methods and apply them properly!

Human beings’ activity in any sphere presupposes the usage of different methods how to master the reality we live in. In actual practice a method is the combination of processes and procedures that are aimed at the theoretical reflection or practical acquirement of an object cognition or activity.

Alongside universal features, every sphere of human activity has its own specific peculiarities and corresponding methodology. Methodology of science is the branch that studies structural principles, forms and ways of scientific cognition. Their combination is called “method”. Method is the way of reaching the aim, the way to organize activity in a certain manner.

In order to carry out the systematical collection of materials the researchers apply versatile methods of scientific research. Methods selection depends on the research aim and its objectives. All the methods must be targeted to check the persuasiveness of the hypothesis predictions.

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Methods of scientific research are subdivided into general and special. General methods encompass three large groups as singled out by the functional criterion. Each group is further subdivided into separate methods:

  • Empirical research methods (observation, measurement, comparison, experiment),
  • Methods of both empirical and theoretical research levels (abstraction, analysis and synthesis, induction and deduction, analogy, simulation),
  • Theoretical research methods (abstract-specific descent, hypothetic-deductive, systemic).

Among special methods of scientific research there are prediction, disperse analysis, correlation and regression, factor analysis, cluster analysis, etc. The most precise and correct results in any research are attained due to the aggregate application of both general and special methods.







Let us dwell in more detail on the experiment as one of the most widely applied methods. Experiment is the way to cognize an objective reality by resorting to the scientifically organized initiation of processes and phenomena. The main aim of an experiment is the exposure of the investigated objects properties. An experiment basis is a scientifically organized test where the phenomena are studied in the appropriately chosen or artificially created conditions. Such conditions allow the appearance of the processes which observation is necessary to determine the natural phenomena connections. The important experiment feature is the possibility of its recurrent repetition under the same conditions.

In writing your Methodology Section it is necessary to elucidate and justify your methods selection, their possible and prospective plusses and minuses for your research, their application in the actual research procedure, fruits they brought or are expected to bring and the consequences for the future developments in science.

We at Dissertationtoday.com are your best option in writing your Dissertation Methodology Section. In case you are in a hurry, having trouble with proper methods selection or the appropriate arrangement and description of the already selected methods, our academic experts will offer you a helping hand in it. They work methodically, as befits, and produce impeccable results.

You can order your Dissertation Methodology Section just now to become a real researcher, to stage an experiment and get the best practical results!

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